Blast From the Past

With the 75th anniversary of the CERA/CTM here, we will be placing some great photographs on this page that should bring back pleasant memories of your favorite trolley museum as it appeared in the '60's, '70's, '80's and '90's. Thanks to our own Frank Rossano and his marvelous, masterful collection of early traction photographs - some donated by other photogs (they will be identified per photograph) - we believe that we have a truly historical and an exciting display for you youngsters and oldsters. Tune in periodically as this display will always be in a state of flux and you will not want to miss out on these opportunities to reminisce...






July 17, 1953 showing long time members Kerwin Schmeiske and Robert Eggleton.

CFM archival photo  - made available by Bert Johanson




35 ton Davenport locomotive formally US Army, later Sessions Foundry, Bristol, CT. Owned by member Karl Hartman. Used around the property to move disabled streetcars. From Sep. 1968.

Frank Rossano Collection




Catching 2023 dozing quietly amongst the trees in 1968

Frank Rossano Collection




Mid 1960's and Car 25 (0206) awaits the coming spring

Frank Rossano Collection




STR #16 on Hancock siding also in the mid '60's - early spring

Frank Rossano Collection




2004 and CT. CO. 2023 sits outside Kelly Barn awaiting orders.

She had been a workhorse in her day and the stresses certainly show that...

CTM file photo - photographer unknown




CTM snack bar ensemble - a busy "cantina" here in this 2004 photograph

CTM file photo - photographer unknown




Boston Elevated Railway's car 5645 looking somewhat beleaguered in the early to mid 1960's...

Frank Rossano Collection




October 1, 1960 and Ct. Co. Car 3001 sits quietly with poles secured

 Houser Photo Collection of Frank Rossano




Streetcars 1326 & 836 on a sunny October day in 1965

Frank Rossano Collection




The "spread" as it looked in October of 1968...

Frank Rossano Collection




Late afternoon in September of 1960 as #16 emerges from the "wooded tunnel"...

An Art Mitchell photograph from the F. Rossano Collection




Back to the Ponemah Mills site to showcase this 1962 visual of our Engine 1386 in her natural environ...

Photograph by Bert Johanson

 Anecd. [We are told that the yellow speck in the distance is Car "C" which became our S-193] RM-2015




MTA 3333 "Texas Ranger"sits in our yard in May of 1979. Built in 1946 she came to us in '78

Photo by Rossonberg from Franks Collection




October of 1968 when steam still held some sway - Engine #3 passes Railbus 1712 and the Montrealer (Car #4)

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




Rio 1850 sits quietly among the changing foliage of Oct. 9, 1966

Probable Norton D. Clark photo from the Frank Rossano Collection




We are going "off-base" here to show our 35 ton Engine 1386 actually working at Taftville CT.'s

Ponemah Mills site in 1954. Popular name; "The Black Mariah" - GE built in 1894...

Photo by the late Art Mitchell from the Frank Rossano Collection




It is September 21, 1997 and we catch car 2600 & engine #18 looking at the top of their game...

Bob LaMay photo from the Frank Rossano Collection




18 years ago next Sunday (Aug. 9) - 2600 blasts past the section house on an afternoon run...

A Robert LaMay photo from Frank R's Collection




Springfield Terminal RR Plow #12 sits in May - thought to be mid '60's - awaiting her call to service

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




Winter of 77-78  and 3001 awaits the crossing of Borrup Rd. - lots of ice-chopping in evidence

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




June 14, 1975 - Service Car 2023 and a piece of M.O.W. equiptment in the rear yard...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




 1960 and the SHRT (Shaker Heights Rapid Transit) car is a new arrival on campus - purchased by Bill Wood

An Art Mitchell photo




CERA Operating Rule Book as in effect in 1962

Ronald J. Musco copy made available by son...


(click on graphic for the full (7page) pdf copy)




It's the winter of 77 and the pole change is a frigid happening...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




Ron J. Musco - CTM Motorman #29 - adjusts car 836 pole position sometime in the 1960's

Made available by son, Ron Musco




Unspecified date and photographer - anyone know?

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




September 1, 1961 B.E.R. Type 5 heading outbound from track two..

Art Mitchell photo from Franks Collection




This September 21, 1997 photo by Bob LaMay catches car 2600 inbound...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




September 22, 1977 and Montreal Car 2056 poses for an Ed McKernan photograph...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




Our Baldwin/Westinghouse  #18 - looking rather pristine in this August 1997 photo by Robert LaMay

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




HELCO #3 sits amongst the weeds in this May 1963 photograph - all CTM steam was destined to be sold ...

Robert LaMay photo from the Frnk Rossano collection

Anecd. [We used to joyride it. It would "hunt" as it went down the line due to it's wheel arrangement, the track and the thrust motion

of each cylinder. It made for a quirky ride.  At the end of the line, we would get on the pilot and ride back.  

Her lap seam boiler was her undoing.] RM-2015




This Art Mitchell photo was taken in September 1961 with the BERA Group visiting...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




May 1966 and track #2 is still above soil level and trees are sparse...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




Eighteen years before our 75th Anniversary on a warm August 9th afternoon, Car 840 is westbound on main...

A Robert LaMay photo




We will do the unusual and take you off-campus for this shot - 2022 moves along Main Street, East Hartford, CT

here in the late '50's just slightly North of Pitkin Street and where I-84 now exists. 2022 has recently met her

demise but the memories linger on for we Easthartfordites... An Art Mitchell photograph




Spring of 1954 showing a rather strange consist - looks like it hasn't moved all winter by the wheel rust...

An Art Mitchell photograph




Looks like September of 1961 with a display combo - special BERA/CTM get together.

Those were the days my friends...  Art Mitchell Photograph




Winter of '77 and the wheel flanges will not clear the packed snow sufficently without help for passage...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




The Stanley Steamer was still with us for this 1977 photo .. it was sold in 2001 as decisions were made to

relinquish all of our steam collection to concentrate on traction alone...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




September 1968 and NOPS 836 moves through the seasonally changing woodlands...

From the Charlie Houser Collection of Frank Rossano




The winter of 1978-'79 and NOPS 836 ply's the CTM track - she wouldn't see this snow in New Orleans...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection




Looking somewhat barren at the moment it is still "country" all around  when this early '60's photo was taken

Frank Rossano Photo Collection




Cars 3001 and 1326 are available for rides on this overcast May 1973 day...

Frank Rossano Photo Collection




Open car 840 with Ken DeCelle and Mike Snelgrove heading out of North Road Station. Photo is circa 1990

Photo supplied by Bert Johansen




In 1960 this US Army Reserve unit builds the Hancock Siding

Photo supplied by Bert Johansen




This mid 1960's photo shows car 1326 slipping by some recently leveled trees somewhere on the mainline...

Frank Rossano Photo Collection



Probably one of the last photos of car 779 - built in 1904 by the Jewett Car Co. of Newark, Ohio, the CTM

received her in 1948. She was scrapped in the '80's . Without sufficient shelter these vehicles didn't

stand much of a chance at longevity and that reality still plays out today... Frank Rossano Photo Collection




October of 1968 and  Railbus #1712 is westbound and entering the Northroad Station area...

From the Charlie Houser Collection of Frank Rossano




This spring of 1988 photo from the Houser collection shows car 840 outbound with car 16 awaiting her turn.

Just to the right of the "cow-catcher" a lawn mower awaits some dedicated volunteer's use...




One of few photos of our Springfield Terminal Railway, center cab, service car #8 - 1963 photo

Unknown photographer...




Montreal 2056 awaits boarding on this fine July 1977 morning

From the Charlie Houser Collection of Frank Rossano




August 27, 1966 - NOPS 836 - it will be 22 more years before the Isle of Safety appears to the right...

Looks like we had a few trees back then also - nice shade on this hot August day...

 Frank Rossano Photo Collection





October 16, 1965 with engine #18 in the foreground and Montreal Tramways crane car W-1

 in the background.

George Povell photo from the Frank Rossano Collection




Winter of 1977 car 3001 and the North Road station cozy up to keep warm...

Frank Rossano Photo




New Haven wooden, exterior braced, boxcar at the CTM - 1954 Art Mitchell photo

Frank Rossano Photo Collection

 Anecd. [New Haven boxcar W12112 - The records of the Connecticut Company were stored in this boxcar.] RM-2015




 From the Henry R. Stieg Collection


We have received a passel of member-contact post cards dating from 1947.

They have been placed in the PDF format for ease of transmittal with two postcards (front & back)

per group. At the moment we are making 3 groups (6 cards) available. Click on each for download.


Group 1, Group 2, Group 3


[There will be a total of 8 groups or 16 postcards made available over a time period for commemorative purposes.

If you desire (need) the full set up-front please contact me and I will endeavor to make those arrangements]





In response to a  special request we post this additional action shot of the HELCO Engine 5 hitched to car 940

Museum Photo Collection - photo circa late '60s




Our 1920 ALCO built 0-4-0 Engine 5 from the Hartford Electric Light Co. - photo circa early 1970's

This saddle-tank steam engine was sold in 2001 to the RailStar Corporation of Watertown New York

Frank Rossano Photo Collection

"Correctly re-identified by Ron Musco"





The original data says June of 1963 but the woods do not reflect that date. Looks like early spring of '63

Frank Rossano Photo Collection





May 13, 1965 with car1326 in the foreground and car 25 (aka 0206) on track one.

Frank Rossano Photo Collection





Ct. Co. Car 2023 is being used as a line generator in this afternoon of September 1961 photo by Art Mitchell

Frank Rossano Photo Collection





A little night action - Car 1850 rides the night-rails on August 26, 2000 the CTM 60th anniversary

A Robert LaMay photo/Frank Rossano Photo Collection





Robert LaMay's camera catches 1326 emerging from the woods in May of 1963

Frank Rossano Photo Collection





The Montrealer soaks up the hot August 1st sun of 1998 - still going strong today and a most popular vehicle...

A Robert LaMay photo/Frank Rossano Photo Collection





Philadelphia & Reading, Belfast & Moosehead open vestibule Car 940 as it appeared in October of 1968

Frank Rossano Photo Collection

Anecd. [Charlie Case Motorman #23 (shorter guy) with Bill Mertens] RM-2015





Springfield Terminal RR #12 pushed snow across Borrup Rd. in Feb. of 1961 - An Art Mitchell Photograph





2023 and 2022 serviced East Hartford and Glastonbury, CT. - P&W Aircraft and J.B.Williams Co. to be exact.

Always fun to watch her cross Naubuc avenue headed south along the Main St. - both gone by the early '60's...

A 1963 photo by Robert LaMay





        How about it being May 15 of 1966 and Rio Car 1887 (sister to 1850) looks her best at the CTM  

from the Charles Houser Collection of Frank Rossano   





It is October 1, 1960 - with the campus looking rather treeless :-) and under construction.

L to R; Shaker Heights Rapid Transit car #1201, CT. CO. car #3001 & Boston's (B.E.R) car #5645

from the Charles Houser Collection of Frank Rossano





As Simon & Garfunkel reminded us, all those many years ago; "don't take my Kodachrome away", we left

this photo of Montreal Tramways 2600 with its brilliant depth of color, untouched - except for size reduction.

Robert LaMay photo of October 1995 from Franks collection...





May of 1967 as RIO Car 1850 moves out - she had been here for only two years when this photo was taken.

A Robert LaMay photo from Frank Rossano's collection





 Car4284 was purchased from the Chicago Elevated Railways by Walter B. Sheffeld for the CTM in 1975.

May, 1979 photo on the CTM campus - Frank Rossano Photo Collection





Montreal Tramways crane car W-1 as she appeared at the CTM in the summer of 1963. Capable of

lifting up to 5 tons, the car ran in Montreal until 1959 when it was purchased by the Museum

- Frank Rossano Photo Collection





Thought to be a mid 1960's photo, Springfield Terminal RR car #16 - looking pretty fine on this day in May.

She was received on the Warehouse Point Campus in 1956. A Roger Arcara photo from the Rossano Collection...





Illinois Terminal Car 451 as she appeared on campus in May of 1967

A Robert LaMay photo from Frank Rossano's collection





It is June 23, 1963 we are on the bypass with Car 840.  Part of the Yale Bowl fleet she was built in 1905 by

J.M. Jones & Sons Company and came to our Museum in 1948 shortly after retirement..

From the Frank Rossano photograph collection





This October 5, 1958 photo is a special treat - under the red-arrow sits CTM's future motorman #181.

Yes folks that is Larry Lunden in this Springfield MA. newspaper and he is still an active volunteer...





This June 14, 1970 Ektachrome was taken, and recently donated, by C.K. Leverett.

Looks to be a Sunday by the dress code du jour...





This September1961 slide-photo by Art Mitchell was taken during a get-together

celebration with BERA (Shoreline Trolley Museum) personnel.

(Does anyone know anything about this camaraderie - why it started - why it stopped? We'd like to share it...)





January 1941


Believe it or no(t) this is the first Connecticut Electric Railway Journal published when the

CERA/CTM was still a glint in many of  the founding fathers eyes... fun reading for all


click on each section for the large, ledgible version - JPEG formated

Courtesy of Will Yungk ...





It's May 19, 1974 and Car 840 makes the turn at the sandbank!

Photo by William J. Rugen




June 23, 1963 and another view of Car#25 - this time in the bypass...  

from the Charles Houser Collection of Frank Rossano





Its March 1980 and vandals had torched the North Road Station and vandalized the Gift Shop.

March 7th photos by Larry Bryan...





September 1960 and Car 840 is undergoing a pole switch in front of the North Road Station.

An Arthur E. Mitchell slide from the Frank Rossano Collection





June 23, 1963 - Cars 3001 and 25  - from the Charles Houser Collection of Frank Rossano

(car 25 seems to have vanished in the mist of time - does anyone have any input?)





May 17, 1974 - NOLA car 836 awaits boarding and pole-swap. Unseen behind the car is the

North Road Station where tickets were purchased. We've come a long way in those 40 years...





Car 840 boarding for the trip east to EOL - notice the early pole signage.

Mid 1950's commercial slide - from the collection of Frank Rossano...




Steeple Cab Electric Locomotive No. 18 with passenger car in tow.  A Robert LaMay photo - May 1967

 Anecd. [William E. Woods appears to be calling it a day] RM-2015




1922 Wason built for the CT. Co. , car #3001 was received by the CTM in 1948 - photo c 1965





 Montreal car #2056 & Shaker Heights Rapid Transit #1201 at the CTM's Kelly Barn

 Charles Houser Collection photo - June 13, 1969





Railbus #1712 and Car #4 meet at the Hancock siding - October 1968




Brooklyn Rapid Transit Car #169 adjacent to the North Woods Station - 1960's - exact date unk.

Built in 1894 it is one of the oldest cars in our collection... and is presently undergoing re-restoration

Anecd. [Not long after this photo was taken the pole fell off when reversing direction.

The wood structure gave way and that was the end of operation.] RM-2015




Taftville CT.'s Ponemah Mills engine #1386  - June 14, 1975 photo by George Povell

Affectionately known as the "Black Mariah" and built in 1894 by the General Electric Co.





A nice bit of nostalgic memorabilia from August 6, 1966 - submitted by Ron Musco

De-classified by NSA & CTM it remains appropriate to present operations...

Ron's Dad, Ronald J. Musco, badge #29 - is 1st on the sign-off sheet!




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